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August 29, 2017
by NeoPancho

8th November 2017, the End of Miiverse

With a non caring (at all) letter,Β  Nintendo Japan communicated the end of services for their very own global community, Miiverse, alongside of Wii U chat and Nintendo TVii (yep, in Japan it’s still a thing)… that’s it, no explanation whatsoever, just a date, hour and end of service; hours later Nintendo America decided to make it a bit better and gave some (non sensical) explanations… in any case the fact is that one of the best features introduced with Wii U is coming to an end in a little more than 2 months.

August 19, 2017
by NeoPancho


I’m fairly bad at drawing and it takes me forever to draw anything decent… but i like to draw and after years without drawing anything Wii U arrived with Miiverse (and then 3DS joined the fun) i started doing it again, so, i have decided to join deviantart community and start uploading my Miiverse drawings there, i hope you like it!

August 4, 2017
by NeoPancho

Switch is becoming a fantastic Arcade machine! (Gunbarich, Strikers 1945 and Aero Fighters 2 videos)

We already had the weekly Arcade Archive NeoGeo, beign the last one the quite excellent Aero Fighters II, last week we got Namco Museum a compilation of 10 arcade games (+ a GameCube 1, Pacman vs) like Rolling Thunder 1 and 2, Pacman, Splatterhouse, Tower of Druaga… and now this week, out of nowhere we have 2 psikyo games, Gunbarich and Strikers 1945 thanks to Zerodiv which have already said we will be releasing more arcade games. I hope that sooner than later we see such more Arcade clasics like Bubble Bobble, Rastan, Outrun, Final Fight…

Out of these games i think that Gunbarich needs a special mention for how weird it is, the game is a mix of Arkanoid (you have to destroy all the bricks in the screen) and pinball. The game itself is the old one, nothing touched but the cutscenes has been redone and the credits limited… kind of like in Namco Museum, that has added HD Rumble and translated texts (over the old ones, like subtitles) to the old ROMS. The game also allow you to rotate the screen and have a filter to mimic the old tube screens, but it’s really weird how it looks ^_^u

You can rotate the screen, perfect fot the Switch!

This is how you usually play, it’s a bit small…

Yep, the filter is really weird…

… and in motion is even weirder!

And since we are already at this, here we have Aero Fighters 2. One of the most interesting features of this game is that it has quite a few characters/ships and no matter how you mix them (in 2p mode) they have an exclusive ending (and each character by their own, of course).

And Strikers 1945

Normal viewl

“Tate” (portrait) view